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Frankfurt, GER
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Tool Frankfurt, Germany @ Batschkapp - 01.27.1993 Source: Soundboard --- Analog Soundboard > Cassette-2 > CDR Courtesy of: onebear + Notes - SBD: I know torrenting this is not going to make me very popular with certain collectors + tapers however this is an excellent performance, capture & feel of Tool from their most potent-era it would be a shame if this did not get out. So, here it is. I sincerely request people do not resort to using this to sell on eBay or anything like that. We will catch you if you do. Furthermore, you can be *damn* sure nothing like this will ever pop up again if someone mis-uses this in anyway for gain/profit. The folks at eBay forum "eBay unit" ( will jump on any attempt(s) asap. Do not SELL. Do not convert this to anything but WAV. Do not think this is a "hoarder" or "elitist" plot for anything as not only is that an ignorant paradigm it is also stupid. Just enjoy this recording & treat it with respect. NOTES - Show (the following notes are from; an Easter Egg so to speak from the site): This is one of my favorite SBD recordings of this band that was recorded. Not only does this performance feature the only known "flood-ish" fade-in to Intolerance (amazing), this is of exceptional quality but also features a couple strums from Adam's guitar where Maynard's Dick would be if they played more than 15 seconds of the song... so, would that mean that this was a Maynard's Dick tease intro to Hush? Paging Dr. Freud. There are people in the Tool community out there that have this recording, talking to you mind-rapers & hypocrites so be on the lookout. This has been around, in some capacity for a very, very long time. Since the mid 1990's if memory serves. In fact, this was one of the first SBDs of Tool I attained way back in the day. Although I wish that this was "out" as this is one of the best performances -ever- by Tool from this era, if it is going to be so, I will have nothing to do with it after seeing the disrespect of so many and the appreciation of so few. Just kidding... just kidding... real boring? Time listed below seems to be the most common of the cassette>cd transfers out there. Setlist: (Flood-like intro) Intolerance Maynard's Dick (Adam only) Hush Sober Prison Sex Swamp Song Opiate Flood (cut 3/4 way through) Jerk-Off (missing)
Soundboard --- Analog Soundboard > Cassette-2 > CDR
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