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Pink Floyd
Veterans Stadium
Media Count:
Attended Show:
Taper Location:
audience - recorder 1 / 1st gen copy of the Master DAT onto 2 90 min Fuji DR-II cassettes Technics RS-TR333 cassette deck> Sony DTC-700 DAT deck> Audiophile2496 soundcard to HD> Soundforge 5.0> WAVtracker> SHN
Set 1:
01. Astronomy Domine [4:29] 02. Learning To Fly [5:50] 03. What Do You Want From Me [4:18] 04. On The Turning Away [7:17] 05. Take It Back [6:10] 06. A Great Day For Freedom [5:01] 07. Sorrow [9:45] 08. Keep Talking [7:17] 09. One Of These Days [7:01]
Set 2:
01. Shine On You Crazy Diamond [11:39] 02. Breathe [2:46] 03. Time/Breathe (Reprise) [6:49] 04. High Hopes [7:48] 05. The Great Gig In The Sky [5:28] 06. Wish You Were Here [5:49] 07. Us And Them [6:31] 08. Money [8:59] 09. Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) [8:44] 10. Comfortably Numb [10:38]
Set 3:
01. Hey You [5:14] 02. Run Like Hell [7:52] >>> [[back to Philly]]
Set 4:
Show Notes:
Audience: 50,754 (sellout) Misc: No lyrics fool-ups. Breathe: "...Stranded on the biggest wave..." The instrumentals in OOTD prior to the appearance of the pigs was lengthened and when the pigs showed up, one had only its left eye on. At the end of the song, and the first set, Dave kinda shrugged and said "The was One of These Pigs". We're going to take a short break now and be back in 15 minutes." At the end he said they'd be back "real soon" :) - from notes as they came with the files: From The Master (Complete Lineage Below) Notes: Recorded by: Saul Glick (If anyone knows Saul, please e-mail Mike at 1st gen copy of the Master DAT onto 2 90 min Fuji DR-II cassettes Technics RS-TR333 cassette deck-> Sony DTC-700 DAT deck-> Audiophile2496 soundcard to HD-> Soundforge 5.0-> WAVtracker-> SHN Mastered by SmagmaPig (Mike from Cleveland) Some minor edits have been made to piece the show back together. The low end was raised, no dolby or no-noise was used. At the beginning of Keep Talking there was a significant amount of tape flutter so the track is partially mono. None of the songs are cut. review from JUNE 2nd/3rd/4th - PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Veterans Stadium Reader Review by Jay Lieberman About seven years ago I saw my first Pink Floyd show at the colossal JFK Stadium in Philadelphia. The band opened up with Echoes (possibly for the last time), and from that moment on I was a die-hard fan. That stadium has since been demolished, but Floyd is still going, and it seemed only natural to catch all three shows. So I braved stop and go traffic, ridiculous parking fees, and mobs of wasted posers to witness the heroes' return. The massive stage took up most of Veteran Stadium's outfield, and I felt a premonition that the boys were going to outdo themselves this time. My suspicions were confirmed... The sci-fi fury of Barrett's masterpiece, Astronomy Domine, kicked into the ecstatically received Learning to Fly, as most of the awestruck crowd got their first glimpse of Floyd's overpowering laser display. The music was equally strong as well, a pattern that followed on the next two numbers What Do You Want From Me and On the Turning Away, which were both preceded by Gilmour greeting the audience. The set varied from night to night after that with the new single Take it Back and a lumbering Sorrow (probably the low point of the show) mixed in with a different selection from The Division Bell each night. The second set included brand new Hipgnosis film, perhaps the best I've ever seen. High Hopes, the one song if any, that can measure up to the older material was situated accordingly within a DSOTM medley of Breathe, Time, and Breathe reprise. It sounded progressively better each evening, highlighted by Gilmour's pedal steel solo and another breath-taking video. A feeble sounding Great Gig in the Sky was next as the two rookie singers failed to measure up to their predecessors.
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