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SHN, FLAC and DAT Software

Here you will find all the software that you need to
Login, Download, Uncompress, Listen, Burn, and Serve SHN and FLAC files.
cdrecord Command line CD burning app for *NIX and Cygwin
GUI front-end for cdrecord A graphical user interface for the Windows version of cdrecord. You can download either just the front-end or the front-end plus the cdrecord tools for Windows.
cdrdao Another command line CD burner for *NIX systems
CDRWin Excellent commercial CD burning and copying suite for Windows. Also available as command line tools for DOS users.
Nero Burning Rom Windows shareware application that can burn just about any type of CD (data, audio, VCD, etc.)
Feurio! Excellent Windows shareware audio CD burning application. Unregistered version does not burn data CDs.
Toast Titanium has finally fixed the DAO bug that existed until version 5.0 and now burns audio seamlessly on Macs

SmartFTP This is an excellent FTP Client and it's FREE!
leechFTP Freeware
Filezilla commercial, Freeware available
leapFTP shareware
cuteFTP commercial, trial available
FlashFXP commercial, trial available
Bullet Proof FTP commercial, trial available.

Setup Help File
Lftp (unix) exteremely powerful command-line client
NcFTP (unix) another very powerful command-line client
Transmit (Mac) shareware

Zone Alarm Free software firewall
Kerio Firewall Free for home and personal use

FTP Servers
Bullet Proof FTP Server commercial, trial available
Hyperion FTP Server commercial, trial available
Serv-U FTP Server commercial, trial available
Blackmoon FTP Server commercial, trial available
Cerberus FTP Server free for home and non-profit organizations
GuildFTPd Freeware for windows

ShnAmp Shorten plugin for winAmp
Shorten plugin for MacAmp Lite X
FLAC Free Lossless Audio Codec with winAmp and XMMS plugins

cdparanoia The best DAE application for *NIX systems. Every bit as good as EAC, though lacking its fine-grained offset calibration.
Exact Audio Copy (EAC) the best DAE program for Windows users
Track Thief Until cdparanoia works on Macs, the best DAE program for Mac users. You'll also need SoundApp to convert the resulting AIFFs to WAVs for shortening

mkwACT Windows MD5-checking and audio (de)compression utility. Just drag and drop a folder onto it and it does the rest
md5Summer Windows MD5-checking and creating tool, with a graphical interface. Handy for those who can't use mkw, or when you forget to create the md5s with mkw.
unshn Shell script for uncompressing SHN files on *NIX systems (works under Cygwin as well). Part of the "etree-scripts" package.
Shorten for Macintosh versions for MacOS 7-9 and a Carbonized version for MacOS X
FLAC Installer Contains the FLAC Frontend which for creating FLAC files or uncompressing them
MacFLAC FLAC for Macintosh (MacOS X)


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