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Keep track of all your ever growing shn & flac collection.You can upload your own .md5 or any checksum files for any show. You are now able to import your Etree and Phish Hook csv file. You can also export your shns.Net list to a csv file. You can allow any show to be tradable or appear on your FTP Server List, if you host a server...

Dat List
Keep track of all your ever growing dat collection. Add your own set lists. Edit show notes. You can allow any show to be tradable.

FTP Server List
List all shows you are currently hosting on your ftp server.

FTP Server Login Request Page
Tired of keeping up with emails of all logins you have issued. Take advantage of shns.Net Login Request Feature. Only members of shns.Net can apply for a login. Once they have applied you can login to Myshns and approve or deny any login. With their login request you will receive the users use rname, name, email and IP Address (from which the request was made), Connection Type and Connection Speed. Once they are approve they can go to your ftp server page and the login will appear. Those who are not approved will get a login request form. You also have the option of creating a public login and having it display to everyone!

Personal Links Page
You can add as many links to any external site that you like. These will all be listed in your Links Page...

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